Liam Neeson reveals how he walked the streets with a weapon looking for a ‘black b******’ to kill after a loved one ‘was raped’ as he is branded a ‘racist’ who ‘should be banned from Oscars’

  • The actor, 66, recalled the incident during an interview to promote his new revenge thriller Cold Pursuit  
  • After he learned a loved one was allegedly raped, Liam asked the victim, ‘What color were they?’ Adding: ‘She said it was a black person’
  • The actor said he walked around with a cosh for a week ‘hoping some ‘black b******d’ would have a go at me about something… so I could kill him’
  • He explained: ‘There’s something primal – God forbid you’ve ever had a member of your family hurt under criminal conditions’ 
  • He admitted it was a ‘horrible’ time and he’s learned a valuable lesson from his ‘awful’ reaction
  • He added that growing up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles has given him insight into the ‘primal need for revenge’ and how destructive that can be  
  • Liam plays Nels Coxman in Cold Pursuit, a snowplow operator intent on tracking down those he responsible for the death of his son
  • People took to Twitter to slam the actor for the words used while promoting his new movie and said that he should not be invited to host the Oscars 
  • This comment follows the news that Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting the Oscars after homophobic tweets surfaced from between 2009-2011
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